Matt Kitchens

Our Matt Kitchen Finishes Explained...

A matt kitchen finish provides a smooth texture to kitchen units and surfaces but without the shine and deep reflections featured in high gloss kitchen finishes. Matt finishes can successfully create subtle, understated kitchen designs, achieving a true sense of refined luxury. Matt kitchens are easy to maintain, extremely durable and can also be more resistant to fingerprints and marks. As a result of these factors, they are a very popular choice and Daval provide a staggering range of styles and colours in a matt finish.

Matt Glass Kitchens

The most exclusive of all our matt kitchen finishes, matt design glass is a range truly for the modern kitchen connoisseur! Our matt glass kitchens are available in black, white, cream, blackberry, silver-grey or grey-green, and the rich and consistent quality of each glass colour tone introduces a wealth of sophistication into any kitchen design. The glass tones lend themselves effectively in conjunction with other luxurious kitchen finishes such as gloss, lacquer, veneers or stainless steel and this makes it a popular choice with architects and interior designers for use in flagship projects and particularly for creating feature wall cabinets, glass kitchen islands etc.

Daval Renzo Charred Japanese Wood Mayfair Hunter Green | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Daval Salcombe Cashmere Main | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Matt Lacquer Laminate Kitchens

As its name suggests, a matt lacquer laminate kitchen is the hybrid result of combining a laminate and matt lacquer finish. The lacquer paint used on this specific type of finish is non-glossy and offers both attractive and protective properties. The process involves miring the laminate and lacquer finishes together, before the decorative lacquer laminate finish is cohered, pressed, and bound to the substrate. The units undergo a special waterproofing production process, whereby all edges are fused with the surface using a laser (which is why these doors are sometimes referred to as matt laser kitchens). The end result is a very smooth and extremely durable kitchen finish. The finish is not only hard-wearing and resistant, but also carries an affordable price tag.

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Daval Varenna Mayfair Kitchen Main | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Daval Finsbury Main | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Super Matt Soft Touch Kitchens

Super matt soft touch kitchen finishes such as our luxury Mayfair range, are a beautiful concept for kitchen design.  These doors offer a balance between the light reflecting properties of a high gloss door and the light defusing qualities of a matt door. As kitchen designers we will often work with clients who specifically want the increased feel of light and space that a gloss finish can create. However, our clients sometimes wish to tone down the effect but without eliminating it completely; it is in these circumstances that super matt soft touch kitchen doors come into their own. The lacquer coat can be thought of as a mixture of high gloss and matt, producing a surface finish that reflects light whilst not creating reflection. As such, should you find yourself undecided between the two more common finishes you may find the matt soft touch kitchen finish is the right choice for you.

Matt Laminate Kitchens

Our matt laminate kitchens are produced by vacuum-forming a semi-molten foil over a pre-machined substrate which is then pressed and adhered together. The technologically intensive manufacturing process is specifically designed to prevent the de-lamination of the foil from the substrate. Consequentially, any preconceived impressions about laminate kitchen finishes can be left at the showroom door! Daval’s matt laminate kitchen range boasts an extensive palette to cater for our clients’ every need. Some of these doors are the most affordable within our whole range, although very few people would ever be able to readily spot the difference between these and some of our more expensive finishes.

Daval Varenna Mayfair Kitchen Cameo | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Daval Langham Slate | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Daval Langham Slate

Daval Camden Premium White Main | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Daval Camden Premium White Main

Daval Finsbury Main | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Daval Finsbury Main

Daval Renzo Character Oak Tobacco Savoy Matt Lichen | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Daval Renzo Character Oak Tobacco & Savoy Matt Lichen

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