Bespoke Furniture Designs

At Daval Furniture, we craft bespoke pieces that offer innovative designs complete with smart storage solutions. Whether choosing an ergonomic home office design or a new piece to transform your living areas, we at Daval can design something that complements your home and taste. Our wide collection of colours, finishes and materials means that every piece we make can be completely unique.

Ergonomic Home Offices

We have an enormous range of beautiful finishes you can select from- making sure your home won’t look like you’ve just dumped the office rejects into your study. Whether you want a traditional wood office or something more modern and sleek, our design team can create the perfect space for you.

We’ll make sure your working height matches your body height, provide hidden-under-desk cable tidy solutions and can even supply matching monitor supports to lift your monitor to your eye level. Of course we can design and supply as much open or hidden storage space as you need, with internal configurations to suit the unique requirements of your home office- we can hide the printer, provide file suspension drawers, and cupboard door locks should you require.

Dsc0823 | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Varenna Media Unit In Grey Oak | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

Living Spaces

Living rooms serve as a place for family time, memorable events and defining moments. From offering a relaxing escape after work to hosting parties, living spaces need to be versatile to ensure you will feel comfortable no matter the setting. Our handcrafted furniture is of the highest-quality, with each design being completely bespoke to our clients and their lifestyles. You can work with our designers to decide on storage features, elegant finishes and design options to create fitted pieces that meet your exact specifications.

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Derwent Bedroom | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Varenna Media Unit In Grey Oak | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Bramham 6 1 | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Varenna Media Unit | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Varenna Media Unit In Blonde Wood | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Dsc0854 | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Dsc0823 | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield
Dsc0834 | Daval Furniture, Huddersfield

What Makes Daval Unique

British-Made Furniture

Our furniture is made right here in Yorkshire from locally sourced materials.

Sustainable Production

Our suppliers use environmentally sustainable production methods.

Years of Experience

We have been crafting bespoke furniture for over 40 years.